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Welcome to Chichester Podiatry

Welcome to our new clinic in Chichester.

Dr Patsy Parfitt, Podiatrist Phd, MSc, MPodaA, HCPC.

Patsy has over 30 years experience and specialises with biomechanics and gait analysis treating all types of foot, ankle, leg and knee problems in both children and adults. Common conditions for children are flat feet, pigeon toes and hypermobility.  Severs, Knee/Patella, Tendo Achillitis (opathy). plantar fasciitis. Specialist with orthotics and exercise programmes.

Chiropody: Fungal nails, ingrown (nail surgery too),  corns and callosities.Medical Pedicure – General treatment and tidy up of the feet finishing with rich foot creams to nourish the feet.

We look forward to seeing you.

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